a bunch of pictures that i've been taking this month

^^^ a super awkward selfie to start things off ^^^ 
^^^ love his orange ears ^^^ 
^^^ magaroni ^^^ 
^^^ another selife. but i was having a really good hair day and the lighting was awesome and it needed to be documented ^^^
^^^ caramel soy lattes are my favourite ^^^
^^^ the sass master in all her glory ^^^ 
^^^ cozy socks for this cold weather ^^^
^^^ fynnie! ^^^
^^^ i now have a logo for my life ^^^
^^^ trying to do cool braids yo ^^^ 
^^^ back in the day when my skin was clear and i didn't need makeup ^^^
^^^ true ^^^
^^^ nice sunset ^^^
^^^ "you fit me better than my favourite sweater". thanks mom!!! ^^^
^^^ turt up in tim hortons. and by turnt up i mean we were playing board games and drinking lots of coffee ^^^ 
^^^ makeup ^^^ 
^^^ my favourite place to eat right now ^^^
^^^ david's tea ^^^
^^^ duke before her sassy haircut ^^^

so i haven't posted here in forever because i have another top secret blogging project this year that i've been working on. but i know some people (ie. my parents) still come and check this little blog so i thought i would at least show some of the pictures that have been featured on my other blog. i'm pretty pleased with the way my photography is growing. i feel like i'm slowly, but surely learning the little tricks of the trade.

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