one thing that makes me angry

if any of you guys are on pinterest, you might have seen these. these notes drive me insane. you know why? someone left one on my car after i had parked outside the grocery store. now, i will be the first to admit that my parking is not perfect, but it's not terrible. but on one occasion when i was having an off day and was in a rush i didn't park my car perfectly straight (it was still within the lines though, so i thought it wasn't terrible.) anyways, i came out and saw a note under my windshield wiper. and it just made me angry and upset. because i hate the idea of picturing some person snickering and taking pride in judging  others and thinking they're being funny (like this) when really there just ruining someones day. and to be honest it's just rude. 

now i know, there are those crazy people who intentionally park diagonally and take up two spots so people don't park close to them and scratch their car. and those people (like me) who park on an angle and make it close to impossible for anyone to park near them. but so what? is it really the end of the world if you have to drive an extra ten feet to find a spot? i don't think so. 

so to people who are thinking they're being smart by handing these out, please stop. 


nicholas sparks, you've done it again

^^^ picture found on pinterest ^^^

safe haven. you've stolen my heart. i've seen this movie twice over the last 72 hours. and i'm planning to see it again. and i don't have a problem with this at all. because there is nothing that can top a new nicholas sparks movie. nothing. "there's no safer place for you than here with me" gosh it gets me every time. josh duhamel, julianne hough you two are so precious together.


so there's this harlem shake thing

some of you guys may have heard of this or not, but this is kind of a big deal over here. all the universities have been putting together their versions of the harlem shake, and this is ours. my tiny head is somewhere in the middle of this crowd. check it out, all money raised from watching the video is going towards cystic fibrous. this makes me so proud to be a golden hawk. hawk on!


a quick outfit post :: what i wore when it decided to not be freezing

i can feel it. spring has to be just around the corner. the below freezing temperatures and piles of snow are starting to lose their charm. but on days like today when its above zero and the snow starts to melt, it's like a beacon of hope. spring, please come faster. 

love, liz


snow day

this past friday we were fortunate enough to be hit by a crazy snow storm that left our school closed. snow days are probably one of my favourite things. ever.


reasons why this weekend has been perfect so far

this weekend is perfect, and it's only saturday afternoon. after a couple stressful weeks this is honestly just what i needed.

i spent friday night with my youngest sister. going out for dinner, watching movies, reading magazines- having the best time. she is such an incredible little person at such a fun age. i can remember desperately wanting an older sibling around her age, wishing i could do "grown up things" and have someone to hang out with. so whenever i get the chance to do that with her i absolutely love it.

this afternoon was spent with my mom. shopping, chatting and grabbing tea and a cupcake from the cutest most delicious bakery i have ever been to. these couple of days makes me so thankful for the family that i have, and the time i get to spend with them.

love, liz


its been how long since the last outfit post?

a long time. but school has been crazy, i left my tripod at home up until now and i've been dealing with a mini crisis some refer to as the freshman fifteen. but alas, i have an outfit picture today. it's been raining for the last couple of days so i've basically been living in my hunters. and this sweater is quite possible the most comfortable thing i own. hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, i know i am. starting things off right watching the notebook with my sister.

love, liz

a night at res // in an instant

a few of the many instant pictures that were taken last night
so here's to university life, where partying on a thursday night is completely acceptable