kennisis lake

the best weekend in a while 


winter break in an instant

been meaning to get these pictures up for a while xo 


contentment: a state of happiness and satisfaction

why yes those are the same shoes and top that i wore last night.... maybe because they are my favourites.

well the new year is officially here! 

2012 was filled with some amazing memories and some difficult times, as it is with most years. 

there were some challenges. there was a lot of drama within my group of friends, and some relationships were broken. i lost relatives, some which were so unexpected. but there were also some amazing times. i was able to travel to england with my sister, which was honestly the most amazing and inspiring trip i've been on so far. i was also able to travel down south with my family and spend a week on the beach with them. finished high school! spent the summer hanging out with friends. also started university  which has been so wonderful. i've met some amazing friends, made some great memories. 

i'm so ready for 2013! my resolution for this year is to find contentment. contentment with myself, contentment with others. contentment is defined as a state of happiness and satisfaction, and that's all i really want. to be happy with myself, my life and those around me.