a favourite quote, now on my walls

early mornings

movie date with my father

we saw "the company you keep". i would really recommend it. i have a new found love for shia labeouf now. 


rainy day, hunters, and acid wash

^^^ shirt: urban outfitters, tee: aerie, leggings: h&m, rain boots: hunter ^^^
dear rain, 
today you were appreciated. thank you for dark clouds which made sleeping in a lot easier. 

dear red oversized sweater, 
thank you for being the perfect sweater to sleep in. i think you are my favourite right now. 

dear mango tea, 
you are delicious. 

dear rain boots, 
i think i fall more and more in love with you every time i wear you. 

dear acid wash shirt {courtesy of my sister}, 
i think you're growing on me. 

dear chalkboard wall, 
you are awesome. 


pier 14


so i saw this pin and thought it was pretty cute. so i tried to find the artsy part of me and attempt to recreate it. 

baby bunnies

 our cousins found an abandoned nest of baby bunnies a couple days ago and we finally had a chance to go over and visit. and oh my goodness my heart melted. they are SO tiny {seriously i don't think these photos do justice} and they all cuddle together. and they have tiny ears and tiny little tales. and i could just spend all day staring at them.

things to do before breakfast


the most unusual thing

i was going through pictures and came across these from the fall. 


myrtle beach

^^^ our view every morning ^^^
^^^ any drink you could imagine was on this menu ^^^
^^^ bbqing was a daily occurance ^^^


^^^ mcdonald's for breakfast ^^^
^^^ selfies in the restaurant, we have no shame ^^^
^^^ knitting in the car, because she knows no limits ^^^
^^^ and a travel outfit ^^^
first day of travel always includes an early morning {pretty sure i was up around 5am}. we traveled through new york, ohio, pennsylvania and virginia, spending wayyy too much time in a car for one day. but hey, the final destination was worth it :)

being absolutely exhausted by 12 am is a beautiful thing

^^^ waking up and actually being happy ^^^

for any insomniac out there i think you know what i mean. this trip was a success. sleeping soundly from 12am till 8am. my life has reached a new state of happiness.


traveling light: myrtle beach

this vacation i was inspired by this series of blog posts to really try and pack light, and guess what? i managed to only bring down i backpack and carry on bag for a two week trip. it must have been some sort of miracle. this is a summary of what i tried to pack. simple pieces in neutral colours have made for super easy outfits so far :)

Untitled #20


and just as it begins to warm up and look like spring here

i'm leaving for vacation!! south carolina here i come! the next two weeks are going to be quiet on this blog as i decided to leave my laptop behind in order to try and fix my sleep schedule ;). but i look forward to updating you on all my adventures when i return! 


mcdonald's on the front porch

 gosh don't you hate it when pictures are out of focus? 
tonight we picked up take out for dinner and ate it outside on the porch {all together!}. eating outside doesn't happen often with the amount of bugs that find their way around our home. but with this summer weather we've been enjoying a little early this season, we were able to eat outside bug free :)

{gluten free} broccoli quiche

the most delicious leftovers for lunch today. today being gluten free doesn't suck.
ps. thanks mom, i missed you're cooking at res. 


sometimes i wish the most exciting part of my day was being allowed to sit on the front porch

this dog. i swear she lives to go outside. with the warmer weather that we've been blessed with these last couple of days i've been trying to be outside as much as possible, whether it's tanning on the back deck or catching up on reading on the front porch. and this little dog follows me wherever i go. whenever i go outside i hear pawing at the door and little wimpers, her protesting to be out with me. and when i finally give in and open the door it's like a miracle happened. her tail is wagging full speed and she looks happy as can be. this dog knows how to appreciate the smaller things.