rainboots are a good investment

because it has rained almost every day for the last month. and it doesn't look like it's going to stop. luckily i'm in love with my hunters and it actually makes me smile a bit when i see rain because i know i get to wear them. {how lame, i know}

* i will explain that the giant black spot on my knee is not some crazy birth mark, but rather the result of a very intoxicated liz over the weekend, in case you were wondering. 


this girl is precious

brightened my day. 

you fit me better than my favourite sweater

can't stop. won't stop. will not stop.
been on repeat maybe forty times today. 


hurricane sandy, bring it.

two sweaters. three pairs of socks. winter mitts. baseball cap. wool circle scarf. rain boots. windbreaker. water resistant leggings. this is what one had to wear tonight to walk to the dining hall tonight. things are getting legit over here.

so i must be living under a rock or something because i just found out that there's a little hurricane planning on stoping by tonight. perfect. can the power please go out and there be tremendous amounts of flooding so i don't have to write my midterm tomorrow? please and thank you xx.


contentment: a state of happiness and satisfaction

found this gem today. i miss my turtle friend. and being on vacation. 

the moments just before falling asleep are my favourite. i am all cozied up under my duvet in my most comfortable pyjamas. listening to the calming hum of the fan. surrounded by darkness. the business of the day is over for a while. everything seems peaceful. i can't help but think in these moments just how blessed i am. i am so thankful for this stage in my life. university has turned out to be so amazing in so many different ways. i am so happy that i ended up at this university, in this residence, surrounded by all my new friends. everything seems to have worked out for a reason. everything in life right now is fun. worries are scarce. life is truly beautiful.


under the weatherrr

this has been me the last couple of days. drinking tea by the litre. wearing old gym tshirts and sweats. cozied up in bed. watching vampire diaries. #yolo. i keep hoping this pounding-headache-lungs-the-weight-of-bricks-death-cough of a cold will go away but it seems to not agree with me, and in resentment only gets worse. #lovinglife. oh, one bit of exciting news. my ombre hair is gone. i have returned to the dark brown. it was just too hipster for me.



"It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life" 

- P.D. James 

"It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life" 
- P.D. James 


a day spent with my best friend

thanksgiving weekend this year was jammed packed. with friends back from university, family to visit and homework to try and catch up on it seemed like i was busy every waking minute. but that was okay because i got to do a lot! 

one of my favourite memories of that weekend was driving up to my cottage with my little sister and spending an afternoon together. we got to visit my nana for a bit and i am so thankful that i was able to see her, even if it was only for a few minutes. we got to see our aunt and catch up. we made it up to the cottage just as the sun was setting and it was perfect. like honestly one of the most beautiful places on earth. we took tons of pictures. we drew pictures in the sand. we jumped in piles of leaves. we almost got stuck in the middle of nowhere with no gas and no cell reception. we sung along to one direction and michael buble all the way home. we had the most amazing time. 

also this sweater is the most comfortable thing alive. just sayin'.

party like it's not your birthday...

finally turned the big 19. birthday cake was enjoyed. as well as pumpkin trifle. lots of pizza was eaten. friends and i were photobooth obsessed. i had the best pinata. enjoyed legally drinking. and liquor store runs {i'm classy like that}. went out to the dirtiest club. had an amazing time. overall a great weekend. thank you to everyone who celebrated with me, you guys are the best! 


well hello again!

i'm back from my blogging vacation and ready to go! the break was much needed and it gave me some time to think about why i blog and what i want this little blog to become. you see, my blog started to feel like work, something that i had to do every single day. even when i had nothing to talk about i still felt the need to post something. going forward i'm not going to be following any sort of schedule {posting a certain number of times per week}, rather just archiving things that i find interesting or want to remember later on. i'm so excited to be blogging again and i look forward to sharing what's been going on these last couple of weeks. xox

- e



sometimes you need to be removed from normality to appreciate all of the things you take for granted. i spent a few days at home this week and it made me realize how much i enjoy my life at university. so often i can get dragged down by what feels like a boring day to day routine. or annoyed with little things. but after being away from it i miss it. i miss:
- the brightness of my room in the early morning
- having warm tap water almost instantaneously
- hearing people come and go in the hallways
- my short walk to class
- spending hours just hanging out in the lounge
- my clean small room
- doing all of my laundry at once
- thirsty thursdays