no one said it would be easy. no one ever said it would be this hard.

(image was found via pinterest)

the lyrics from this song in the title of this post is basically how i feel about the new diet i am trying for the next two weeks. 

no dairy 

no grains 

no sugar 



more xmas tree pictures

happily by one direction

something i've been listening to recently

"but if i'm being totally honest maybe it isn't fine. maybe i'm mad about the fact that things never seem to work out. i mean all i want is a nice boyfriend. a relationship that's easy and fun. and i really don't think i'm asking for much, seriously. but i guess the last three years of my life prove otherwise. maybe i'm the girl who had that fantastic relationship in high school that ended terribly and that's it for me. it just seems so much easier for everyone else. they break up with someone. they do the whole being single thing for a little while, but then they get back in the game and find someone better and they're happy." 

a piece of writing from the hard copy of "the diaries of liz" also known as my journal. 

and five months later it is still so relevant. 


"she moved on, and 
i feel sorry for you, 
because she thought 
you were the most amazing boy every. 
if she could have had any guy
in the world, 
she still would have picked you. 
now, you're just 
another part of her past, 
a memory more faded every day. 
and somehow she'll find the one 
she deserves, and he will make her 
the happiest girl in the world."