throwback thursday: first day in residence

these pictures are from my very first day in residence, back when i was rocking the ombre hair. i can remember thinking that first year was going to be terrible and spending almost all day in this tiny room my first few weeks at res because going outside and meeting people just seemed too terrifying. but as the year progressed i've made some pretty incredible friends and memories that will last forever. this year has been unreal. it's funny looking back and remembering how i felt the very first day of res, and seeing how it's all played out now that my time here is almost up. 

love, liz 


last days in residence

this picture is from a couple of days ago, which happened to be the last day i had everything in my residence room. you see, today i started slowly packing up my room. my pictures are no longer hanging. most of my clothes have been taken home. it's gradually returning to the bare room it was when i first moved in. residence has been such an incredible experience and i'm so sad for this time to come to an end. at the same time i am beyond excited for this summer and all it has in store. just three more finals to get through and i'm free. saturday could not come any faster!

love, liz


the way mornings go around here

this morning was rough. i think i've become nocturnal because i seem to be consistently staying up till the sun rises and sleeping into the late afternoon. today though was an exception. it was fridge return day here at residence which means i had to carry down a mini fridge to the lobby at 10 am. which for most people would be fine. but for nocturnal liz that was like getting up in the middle of the night to do physical labour. and i'm not about that life. i tried to sleep afterwards but my fantastic friends decided that it would a great time to hang out. so as i lay in bed looking super unimpressed and wishing i could go back to sleep they started taking pictures and mocking my need for sleep during the day. and this is how mornings seem to be going these days.

love, liz


toronto for the night

hello friends! 

just a quick update as i try and sneak in a study break. my mom and i were lucky enough to get tickets for the toronto montreal game on saturday. i had forgotten how much i enjoy being at hockey games, but they're actually a lot of fun. i hope you all had a fantastic weekend, i know i sure did. 

love, liz 


the things you do at 2 am

like deciding that it would be a good time to take pictures 
which means doing hair and makeup 
oh the things you do in university at 2 am
when you really should be sleeping 
or studying 
or anything productive really 

love, liz 


no one should be functioning before 7 am

picture from a while ago, seen on the blog here 

good morning friends,

because i must be a crazy person i decided way back when to sign up for 8 am classes every day of the week. i thought i could do it, i really could. i'm mean how bad could it be? said naive me. it will be so nice to be finished your day so early. but staying up till 4 and waking up at 6:30 are just two things that do not mix. and daylight savings is making this more apparent. it doesn't make it any easier when your first class is rock climbing. i don't think anyone wakes up 4 hours before they'd like and says  yay i'm so excited to be awake to go rock climbing for two hours this morning! well this monday is the last time i'm going to have to be up this early. and i couldn't be more excited. last week of classes here we go.

love, liz