last outfit of the year

Top: Topshop, Jeggings: American Eagle, Flats: Aldo

* thank you mother for the new tripod for christmas, no more stacking chairs and books on top of beds to compensate for a lack of anything more sophisticated 


merry christmas

a few pictures from our christmas morning... 
hope everyone has a fantastic holiday spent with friends and family! 


when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure
rest in peace nana



the parents looking through old photo albums. my goal is to scan and post some of the pictures in these albums before christmas. back in the day my parents were hip even before it was popular. xo 


a family affair

i had the chance to go visit some family today for an early christmas celebration. it was low key- lunch at swiss chalet and a chance to catch up. and it was perfect. i am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with family whenever i can and although it can be challenging to see loved ones age i am always grateful for the time i can spend with them 


sydney's blonde

so i know i just posted about how i wanted to get light brown highlights yesterday, but i've changed my mind again {surprise surprise}. i really love sydney's dirty blonde hair. i almost convinced myself to dye my hair this colour over the summer but then i chickend out. but as soon as i can scrape together the money, i'm definitely going to commit to this. 


that hair colour

kourtney kardashian will forever be my favourite. her style. her makeup. and her hair. always seems flawless. i've been thinking about lightening my hair colour recently and i really love hers. maybe in the summer when i have an income to support these desires i'll get around to it.


six thousand dollar pair of shoes, i made it to the paris news

oversized scarf. the most comfortable sweater. moccasins. hair up. pink lipstick. 
doesn't get much better.


mac miller

i just bought tickets to see mac miller because all my friends are going. i don't even know who he is though, so i've been trying to listen to his music and decide if i like him. i'm still on the fence. {image website}



the most effective alarm clock i've found here seems to be my roommate. woke up to the sound of her clearing her throat at a ridiculously high volume. she then preceded to cough a lot and start singing. all very loudly. oh the joys of having a vocal major roommate, they never cease to amaze me. i never feel bad blasting my country music after a morning such as this.

this afternoon i went to a zumba class with a friend from res. they're offering free classes all of december to help with exam stress and i was excited to see zumba on the list. i've tried it a couple of time in high school, but forgot until today how much fun it is! our instructor was super upbeat and friendly and even though i know i looked ridiculous trying to keep up with the dance moves it was a great way to relieve a bit of stress.

one more day closer to being done exams! #cantwait

the dead dog blues

this is one of my favourite things in my room. 
it was given to me by my french tutor in grade nine. 
he was driving us home and his mom was in the car. 
a song came on the radio that she didn't like and asked him to turn it off. 
he did, and then started singing his own song. the dead dog blues. 
it was hilarious. and then he gave me this post card the next week. 
and it makes me laugh every time i read it. 


dear diary,

studying for exams has lost it's charm already. imagine that. i spent a total of three hours studying today. that seems a little pathetic considering i had the whole day just to study. i'm just so tired always and studying in my room always turns into sleeping. we had a floor christmas dinner this evening. we got to pop crackers and they had these fabulous tissue paper crowns inside. we had the best caesar salad {who knew walmart brand dressing was the secret?} on a final note one of my friends tweeted this and i find it hilarious so i'll share: 

"i wish i was a polar bear because then me being homeless wouldn't be my fault. it'd be the worlds."

i really need to start following this wheat free thing; and other things that have been on my mind

i have a wheat intolerance {and i'm pretty sure lactose as well}. and before coming to university i was really good at avoiding both of those things. and then i went away to school. and it's really hard. i don't have a mother who will buy me the type of food i need. or cook me special meals. i have the kitchen staff at the dining hall. and they don't seem to be as understanding. there's also the two a.m. pizza runs with friends that look oh so appealing. and the cupcakes our don makes for us. and it all looks so good you know? it would be so much easier to just pretend like i don't have dietary restrictions and just eat whatever. so what does any logical university student do? they try to pretend they can eat whatever they want. but friends, i wish it was that easy. for the last couple of months i've been "yoloing" it and just eating whatever i wanted. wheat free or not. and it's really starting to catch up with me. the headaches that set it. the joint pain. stomach pain. bloating. trouble sleeping. it's so not worth it! but everyday i find myself eating waffles or that slice of pizza.

i wish i had millions of dollars sometimes. so that i could just move to a city {preferably in london} and live in a really fabulous apartment. and buy local organic food. and cook meals that i can actually eat. and life would just be so much better. that is what has been on my mind recently. 

more realisitcally i'm really looking forward to going home for christmas holidays and not eat junk food 24/7. and have some gluten free food {who would have ever thought i'd look forward to that}. i also really need to make a better attempt at eating food that i'm actually suppose to be eating at university. 

i've also been having a bit of mid-life blog crisis {which seems to happen more frequently than not}. sometimes i think my life right now is just so boring and trivial. i live in a room that is probably the size of most people's bathrooms. i go to class. i study. i occasionally go out. and repeat. i post poorly lit picture of my outfits in a room that is wayyy too yellow. i complain about things that bother me. and somedays, like today, i just stop and think "who would actually want to read about this, because i certainly wouldn't". the blogs that i enjoy reading i enjoy because of the lifestyle they live, or portray, is something i enjoy or aspire to be like. i wish i could take really cool pictures of my day like this blog. or share polaroid pictures of me going on daily adventure's like this one. i wish my outfit posts would turn out like this. i don't have a significant other to go on adventures with. i'm not a size zero and a fabulous model. i don't own copious amounts of vintage furniture and accessories. i guess i just don't know what i want my blog to be about right now. but i'm in the process of figuring that out. 

for anyone who actually read all of this, props. i really don't like ranting on my blog because it just feels pathetic, but i find sometimes it helps sort ideas out. only two more weeks and then i'll be done finals and enjoying christmas break. can. not. wait!! 


this makes my heart so happy

we had a bit of a surprise blizzard here early this weekend. i love this time of the year when the snow still looks pretty. also i was feeling creative and decided to decorate my dorm room for the holidays. twinkle lights and heart banners are my favourite. hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!