"it's against my rules and regulations"

My grandma does not like compost containers on top of her counter. It's against her rules and regulations. They way she said it was priceless. Love her.


we are fabulous

Our Monday. Done high school. Went shopping with brother and mother. Turned into a fashion show. We were those people for ten minutes taking obnoxious pictures of ourselves in a store. Also I got a necklace for $4. Weather is gorgeous. Life is good. 


sunday night dinner

I am notorious for eating slowly. As in super slow. As in it  usually takes me at least half an hour to eat dinner. And tonight I insisted that my family stay at the table as I finish my dinner because they always eat much faster than me and then I'm left all alone. Just me and my food. To be honest I was just being dramatic.

But not as dramatic as my father. He is not always blessed with patience. And tonight was no exception, especially because there was a golf game on that had to be watched. Everyone has priorities right? I digress.

So as per usually everyone finishes their food before me and I asked them to stay and wait for me. So the family comes back to the table and we keep talking about whatever. And my dad starts just staring at me. And then he starts narrating my every move. "And Elizabeth makes a move for the potato and green beans, watch out everyone this could get very exciting". Along those lines. And I honestly have to say I have never laughed so hard. It was hilarious the way he was saying everything. Picture an announcer at the race tracks. That was my father.

As well, I do the grocery shopping for the famjam {why? I'll talk about that in another post}. And I am pretty frugal and like to stay on budget. How do I do that? I buy a lot of no name products. To which my father likes to point out on a daily basis. I can't quite understand why he doesn't like them that much, I guess it's just one of those things you either like or you don't. And he doesn't. It's like the end of the world when I buy no name peanut butter instead of his preferred Kraft brand. So while I was finishing my dinner tonight he found an old grocery receipt and started to read through it. And commented on every single thing that was no name. It was pretty funny seeing him react to it all.

Anyways, for many people this post might be a tad boring. It was just one of those moments that was absolutely hilarious. And I wanted to write about it so I can remember it later on. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


here and there

This has been our life the last couple of days. Playing with puppies in the backyard. Bbqing. Mother looking happy in a picture. Beautiful sunsets. Watching movies on a Friday night {my favourite part about this picture is the fact that both dogs were able to squeeze themselves onto the sofa} T.G.I.F


when studying turns into a road trip

So friend was helping me study for chemistry, because that subject does not make sense to me whatsoever. We started out at the library. I haven't been to the library in a long time and tonight I realized for good reason. I try not to be too judgemental, but today was an exception. You meet some interesting people at the library. It's even better when they come up and try to talk to you. I don't think it helped that friend and I were being pretty obvious people watchers, we got quite a few looks. After the library closed we decided to go study somewhere else. And because we are both undeceive it lead to me driving in a straight line until one of us decided where to go. And when friend didn't decide I chose to go to a rural town, because that's the obvious place to go to study right? Yes. 

Rural towns can be very charming at nine thirty at night. That's when most of the stores are closed, with the exception of a coffee shop and grocery store, and the town's best citizens come out and loiter. They were decked out in flannel tank tops and camo ball caps and talking in a Southern accent. It was pretty hilarious, I couldn't tell if they were joking or not, but they kept it up the whole time so I'm tempted to say that's just how they are. It was like Footloose in real life. And I loved it. We even got to see this truck full of turkey's in the parking lot, because that's something that happens there. It was cute. And then we went to explore a grocery store, because that is something that friend and I do on a regular basis. Don't judge. 

And now I'm back home. A lot more knowledgeable in chemistry and still laughing about my adventure in the country. Hope everyone else had a fantastic Wednesday! 

"No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep"


so basically it's the cutest thing ever

my heart melts a little every time i watch this 
"you will get the hang of it, i know it"
"thumbs up everybody, for rock and roll!"

in 100 years none of this will matter

This is what I have been repeating to myself these last couple of days. Exams are not fun.


our father's day in pictures

Brother learned how to ride a bike again. Sister preformed in a play. We went out for ice cream. We also saw someone walking around downtown with a coat hanger, coffee and eating berries off trees on the side of the road. Happy Father's Day! 



I like to think of myself as someone who has mastered procrastination. I will literally do anything to get out of what I'm suppose to be doing, like writing essays. I will write on my blog, check other peoples blogs, make outfits on polyvore, clean my room, do my hair fancy, put on makeup, take pictures, exercise, make elaborate meals, pace the house.... basically anything. And then I'll write a paragraph for my essay. And feel really accomplished and proud of myself for that paragraph... that took me four hours to write.

"The work you do while you're procrastinating is probably be the work you should be doing for the rest of your life"


{almost} a week's worth of outfits

Please ignore my messy room xx

Secret identify. Double life. Sometimes I feel like I have this secret life. I have a blog and a pinterest account but I don't want any of my friends or people I know to read it. I don't like to connect things that I do on the internet to my day to day life. Sure I love blogging about what happens in my life, but I don't want people to know about it {if that makes any sense at all}. Maybe it's because the internet scares me, or that I'm self conscious that people will just think this is silly and judge me. I know I really shouldn't care, but I do if I'm being honest, sue me. Perhaps I'm the only one who feels this way, but I feel like if I connect these two "worlds"  I'm just exposing myself, no privacy. I know that no one actually reads my posts aside from my family, but it feels weird to me that anyone could read about me from my blog and know exactly who I am. I'm also very shy and I don't want people that I talk to on a daily basis to read my blog and know all my thoughts.

I don't even know what this post was suppose to be about, just ramblings of a girl

- E


awkward and awesome thursday!

- Again these pictures above... maybe one day they'll get less awkward, but for now it looks like it's going to be like this for a while.  
- The dog that was left outside during a thunderstorm at nine am on a Saturday morning {it should be a crime to be up before eleven}. It made the most annoying barking/whining noises I have ever heard. Like it was going to die... at nine am folks
- Stopping at green lights. This happens way too frequently 
- Sneezing right after applying mascara {not once, not twice, but three times}, therefore getting mascara all over my face
- Dropping weights in the gym. And everything goes silent. And everyone looks at me. No need to worry guys. Just dropped my iPod, and my weights. Since I'm clumsy like that. Seriously you don't need to be so quiet. Go back to ah working out.
- Just realizing that what I thought was a skateboarder riding by our house at 12:15 am sharp every night is actually a train... it's not like I've lived in this house all my life or anything... no I really should have figured that out earlier 
- The two guys who decided to grab half of my table in the library without asking. One minute I've got the whole table to myself, the next two obnoxious guys rip it in half and drag it across the room... Without asking... Since when is that a thing people do?
- Trying to write "June 2012" and writing June 2021 then scratching is out only to write July 2012. This is when you know you need to go to sleep

- I got an iPhone! So easy to use, for those of us who are basically incapable of using any electronic device whatsoever 
- Handing in assignments and feeling that relief because you don't have to worry about it anymore 
- Discovering pinterest and instagram
- Watching Dear John 
- Getting to leave work early 
- The kind of weather where you can't tell whether it's hot or cold. It's just perfect
- Listening to an amazing retirement speech. Like seriously AMAZING. Words cannot begin to describe. 
- Listening to the rain fall at night. Makes falling asleep much easier! 
- having thunderstorms almost everyday this week. Hot humid summer days you are my favourite
- Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars.... YUUUP! 
- Thinking that you've completely failed a test and then getting it back and realizing you actually did okay 


birthday boys

Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother and father! Our week has basically consisted of celebrating birthdays. Hope you boys both enjoyed your special days! 



last friday night {katy perry}

My friends and I.... 
- hung out until three am (we haven't all been together in like a month) 
- played truth or dare
- went on chat roulette
- made ridiculous jokes
- screamed at the top of our lungs
- were attacked by a bat that lives in friend's basement
- played board games
- were those obnoxious teenagers blasting rap music so loud I'm pretty sure the whole city could hear us 
- witnessed the loudest thunder ever.. while sitting on a dock in the middle of the lake (certainly the safest place to be in the middle of a thunderstorm, right?)
- enjoyed chocolate covered jujubes 

Basically the best way to start any weekend 


one week we went to england

A while ago my sister and I decided that we wanted to go to England. So we bought two tickets and headed over. 

It was the best trip I have ever been on, hands down. England is really incredible. The architecture and the way of life is really different from anything I had ever seen before. Also everyone has accents! I know that's a given but it was awesome just listening to everyone talk. It was so nice to hang out with family that we hadn't seen in years. We even got the pleasure of seeing our second cousin who happened to be traveling to Scotland the same time we were over and got stuck in London because of the snow. England doesn't like the snow. They just can't handle it. If there is one inch of snow on the ground people act as if it's the apocalypse. The morning that we were leaving it had just snowed again and on our bus ride to the airport the bus driver pulled over twice to explain the seriousness of the weather conditions, and that we should be prepared for any type of emergency. It was pretty hilarious to be honest, because my sister and I are so used to winter's were waking up to two feet of snow is not unusual. We both really want to go back soon and spend some more time there, so maybe one day when we have enough money we will venture across the ocean and visit again.


sometimes things work out

Sometimes things work out, like this photoshoot. The sun was shining just right, there was a bit of a breeze to help show off this hi-lo skirt, and {I think} some of my poses turned out alright? Certainly an improvement from yesterday.

For whatever reason if I try and add a caption to the last picture it makes everything go out of alignment, so I'll just write the caption here:

Top: H&M, Skirt: Sirens, Flip flops: Volcom 

Guys it's FRIDAY!! The weekend has finally come and I am so thankful. One more week closer to summer vacation! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


awkward and awesome thursday!

So I got this idea from Sydney over at The Daybook. She is super stylish and hilarious, and someone I find really inspirational. Anyways here is my attempt at the "Awkward and Awesome", hope you guys enjoy! 

- Asking the bus driver if they go close to my stop and getting the most unimpressed look in response. Sorry if I'm not a master of all the bus routes in this city. And then I got on the bus... and realized it was completely empty, of course... it was just me and the unimpressed bus driver for a while. Yeah. 
- Guy sitting next to me on the bus twitching his leg making the whole seat shake the whole bus ride. One of my pet peeves. Seriously people can you just sit still for like ten minutes, please? - Guy sitting across from me on the bus. Just because you were sunglasses doesn't mean I can't see you staring right at me with that grin
- Just the bus in general
- Trying to pick out an outfit, deciding on one, and then changing it three more times
- Getting the hiccups every time I have a hot drink. There is really no graceful way to drink tea when you hiccup every 10 seconds
- When the skin on part of your leg gets so dry it looks four shades lighter than the rest of you
- Allergy medication, makes a person crazy


- Afternoon walk. I feel a bit like an old lady going for walks, but they're actually really lovely
- The weather right now, kind of perfect 
- Starting this blog. Even though I haven't let anyone read it yet I really enjoy taking pictures of my day and looking at them later and writing down little parts of my day, even though most people might just find it obnoxious
- Grey nail polish
- Deciding that I really don't have to do my homework right away, because I'm definitely going to work super hard on the weekend and get it all done then right? Who am I kidding, this is just me procrastinating 
- Cupid by Sam Cooke. It's kind of been stuck in my head all day... and I don't mind one bit 
- Pretending that I have copious amounts of money and window-online-shopping, my wish list keeps growing by the minute 
- Getting a compliment on my sandals from a really sweet girl who has complimented me on my shoe choice before. Thanks, it kind of brightens my day


one of those days

Today has been one of those days. The days you spend all night tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. The days your eyeliner dries out. The days you try a different foundation, only to realize halfway through the day that its dried up on your skin leaving you with raccoon eyes. The days your hair gets matted and clothes feel uncomfortable, no matter what you wear. The days you come home starving and realize there is no food in the house. The days when the sleep you missed out on the night before finally catches up to you. The days when you feel like a mental asylum is really the best place for you to be.

The good thing about those days is that they usually don't repeat themselves. Tomorrow will be much better, I know. And I know that all the little things that bothered me today are really so irrelevant and shouldn't bother anyone... but when all those little things add up it can be frustrating. Anyways, tomorrow will be great! Weather will be warm and it's one day closer to Friday and the end of the school year.

- E


here comes the sun {the beatles}

Checking out Venus passing the sun with sister and mother 
So this evening my mom, sister and I headed over to the local university to hang out with some really cool science people and learn about the amazing phenomenon that was occurring over everyone's heads today. Did you know that this won't happen again until 2117! So if you missed it... sorry. It was actually a lot more exciting than I thought it would be, even though the only thing you were really able to see was a white circle with a little black dot in the top corner. The best part of this whole thing was the glasses you got to wear. As you can see they are super stylish {possible a new trend?}. They are basically like those old 3D glasses you got in the movie theatres, except there is this aluminum foil-like paper covering your eyes to protect them from the sun. Overall it was a really fun night and I was really glad I got to see it. 

On another note I found some old pictures from my sister and I's trip to England in the winter and will try and post those soon.

- E    

can you tell {ra ra riot}

1. Black t shirt, boyfriend shots, gold sandals
2. Vintage mirror, beach hair
3. Plant in the windowsill
4. Rings  


monday monday {the mammas and papas}

1. Red and blue patterned scarf, grey t shirt, thrifted belt, skinny jeans, boat shoes
2. Partly sunny skies
3. Duke waiting in the window for people to come home

a {formal} introduction

I'm E and I'm a lover of all things fall, reading, turtles and photography. This blog is about personal style, funny moments and enjoying the small things in life. Because sometimes all those awesome little moments are so easily forgotten. I chose the name "Epoch Events" as my blog title because this blog is basically all about my life right now as I'm entering into young adulthood. This blogging thing is a bit new to me... a.k.a I've never done it before, so bare with me as i {try} to get the hang of it, and I hope you enjoy! 

- E